Intelligence-driven SOC

OpenCTI empowers SOC teams to conduct security operations driven by intelligence from internal and external sources, enabling them to save valuable time. By streamlining automation and offering AI assistance, OpenCTI enhances cyber threat detection efficiency and timeliness.

Single source of truth

Streamline internal and external intelligence to identify the threats behind suspicious and malicious activities.

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

OpenCTI enables SOC teams to prioritize their response, establish the links amongst various threats and promptly implement effective detection strategies.

User-friendly automations

Save time on daily operations thanks to automation playbooks built with simply a few clicks.

Use case


Single source of truth

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

User-friendly automations

Recurring pain points

  1. Unable to track threats from outside of the network
  2. Lack of up-to-date threat information
  3. Difficulties in identifying threats behind indicators
  4. Coding automations tasks is time consuming
  5. False positives and false negatives hinder efficient threat detection

Comprehensive alert collection

Focus on relevant alerts rather than the entirety of your activity logs. By pushing cyber threat alerts from your SIEM or XDR to OpenCTI, your SOC team enhances its ability to analyze internal and external threats comprehensively.

Adopting an intelligence-driven approach enables SOC teams to implement proactive threat detection and prevention strategies. OpenCTI ensures that your security tools are automatically updated and optimized in real time.

Advanced threat identification

Leverage STIX 2.1 framework and graph-based visualizations to classify threat intelligence and visualize entities and their relationships in a dynamic knowledge graph. This help SOC teams to easily pivot from entity to entity, for example from an IP address to a malware to a threat actor.

Configure inference rules to automatically create logical STIX relationships, save the analyst’s time and reinforce the graph’s quality.

No-code automation playbook

Program step-by-step playbooks with a few clicks to automate a series of manual tasks including but not limited to threat intelligence enrichment, data manipulation, data filtering and notification delivery.

Our no-code automation playbook allows cybersecurity teams to quickly schedule repetitive but necessary tasks without the need for in-depth coding skills.

Faster threat detection with Generative AI

Utilize our generative AI tool, “Ask AI”, in OpenCTI to effortlessly convert structured information to unstructured data and vice versa.

Trivialize time-consuming tasks such as reading reports and deciphering threat data into actionable intelligence. This enables SOC teams to focus their efforts on implementing customized threat detection strategies and analyzing their results.

Discover other use cases

Discover our diverse range of use cases to see how OpenCTI can revolutionize your approach to threat intelligence.

Use case

Incident response and investigations

OpenCTI’s case management is designed to streamline threat investigations. By seamlessly centralizing incident-related information, organizations improve their overall incident response efficien...

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