Plan, execute and conduct

Create dynamic attack scenarios, ensuring accurate, timely, and effective responses during real-world incidents

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Plan, execute and conduct

Enhance cybersecurity posture by proactively addressing vulnerabilities and refining security operations.

Customizable Simulations

Build both simple and intricate scenarios tailored to various industry needs.

Resource Allocation

Evaluate your security posture, on both technical and human side.

Real-Time Insights

Improve team dynamics with instant feedback on responses.

Continuous Improvement

Enable continuous skill enhancement and insight gathering post-simulation.

Breach & Attack Simulation Platform

Design scenarios ranging from simple to complex, adapt responses based on participant feedback, and assess team reactions to incidents.

Scenario Construction

Design and tailor attack scenarios from simple to complex, adjusting injects based on participant responses. This enables the assessment of reaction levels to both technical and non-technical events across various industries and technologies.

Threat Intelligence Integration

Streamline scenario updates with timely threat intelligence from OpenCTI, enabling dynamic customization based on the latest cyber threat insights, used techniques and relevant adversary behaviors.

Security Posture

Facilitate team and technology evaluations regarding actual cyber threats and collaborative feedback on scenarios within the platform, enabling detailed analysis for a comprehensive review process.

Cyber Defense Testing

Enhance team skills and cybersecurity tools through frequent checks tailored to specific audiences and technologies with granular controls. Planners and purple teams can use pre-defined attacks, documents and challenges with proper segregation to continuously assess security gaps.

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