Uncover Threats. Take Action.

Embrace a proactive approach with end-to-end Cyber Threat Management, from anticipation to response.

Collect, correlate and leverage

Organize your cyber threat intelligence knowledge to enhance and disseminate actionable insights.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Get a holistic view of your threat environment and improved decision-making for faster incident response.

Plan, execute and conduct

Create dynamic attack scenarios, ensuring accurate, timely, and effective response during real-world incidents.

Adversary Simulation Platform

Enhance cybersecurity posture by proactively addressing vulnerabilities and refining security operations.

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Our offerings

Explore Filigran’s comprehensive offerings, spanning from SaaS and support packages to Enterprise Editions and tailored training courses. Empowering organizations to seamlessly operate on the eXtended Threat Management (XTM) suite.


Filigran provides fully managed cloud private instances for all product available in our XTM suite.

Support Packages

Professional technical support of all products which included custom integration workshops and platforms health checks.

Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise Edition (EE) provides highly demanding organizations with a version that includes additional and powerful features, which require specific investments in research and development.

Training courses

Learn how to use Filigran solutions with e-learning and instructor-led training, tailored for both analysts and administrators.

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Connect with the Filigran fellow community members, focused on threat intelligence analysis and adversary simulations.

Integration and tech alliances

Integrate your sources and third-party solutions in seconds

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