Open Adversary Simulation Platform

Organize, plan and execute crisis management exercises.
Launch adversary simulation campaigns.


Create dynamic crisis exercise scenarios, ensuring accurate, timely, and effective response during real-world incidents

Build both simple and intricate scenarios tailored to various industry needs.

Ensure targeted communication and maintain data integrity across exercises.

Enhance team coordination and monitor player responses in real-time.

Allow teams to assess performance and gain insights after each exercise.

Scenario construction

OpenEx allows planners to build from simple to complex exercise scenarios. Using out-of-the-box integrations such as emails, SMS platforms, simulated media pressure tools, cyber ranges and alerting systems, OpenEx is able to handle multiple types of drills for several industries.

As exercise scenarios are built on relative time, the animation team can easily tailor the injects depending on the players response and evaluate the level of their reactions to the incidents they have to handle.

Audiences and documents management

OpenEx has a granular management of audiences and documents. The planners are able to use a document gallery which respects data segregation across exercises. Also, for injects that support audiences enforcement, the animation team can select which audiences will receive it.

When creating audiences with some communication channels (emails, phone numbers, etc.), the exercise planners can launch checks to verify the accuracy of the player information.

Collaborative lessons learned

After having defined objectives of an exercise, the animation team can evaluate individually the overall achievement of goals. Players are also able to contribute by answering collaborative polls regarding some aspects of the exercise.

A collaborative exercise logs allow planners to share insights during the exercise and comment the players responses that are also integrated with OpenEx. Indeed, all emails sent by players during an exercise can handled directly in the platform.

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