Cybertech startup Filigran raises €5M to accelerate international growth

With more than 3,200 organizations using their solutions globally, the cybertech startup Filigran has raised €5 Million in seed funding it will use to develop its “eXtended Threat Management” solution, and to boost international expansion. This first round of financing was led by Moonfire and completed by other VCs and business angels. 

June 13, 2023

European cybertech startup Filigran, founded in France in October 2022, has raised €5 million in seed funding that will be used to accelerate product development and drive international growth.

Filigran’s open source “eXtended Threat Management” (XTM) suite helps organizations understand threat environments, anticipate and detect incidents, stress-test critical infrastructure, and design viable long-term cybersecurity strategies.

Since it was founded in October 2022, Filigran has already taken on 20 full time employees, dedicated to developing threat intelligence solutions for a growing portfolio of international companies, including Airbus, Marriott, Thales, Hermès, and Bouygues Telecom.

It also counts public sector bodies such as the European Commission, the New York City Cyber Command, multiple US and Australian federal agencies, the Netherlands National Police Corps, and a number of European ministries as customers.

Filigran is currently focused on the development of two products:

  • OpenCTI – An eXtended Threat Knowledge Platform designed to help cybersecurity teams organize, store and operationalize threat intelligence information at a technical and strategic level.
  • OpenEx – An eXtended Threat Simulation Platform that uses cyber threat knowledge for attack and crisis management simulations, and to stress test the resilience of critical infrastructure (digital twins or actual infrastructure) in the face of new and emerging threats. 

Funding to accelerate product development and international growth

This first round of funding was led by Moonfire (UK), with significant contributions from cutting-edge global VCs, family offices and business angels including (among others) Motier Ventures, Kima Ventures, Raise Sherpas and Zebox Ventures.

“Filigran is delighted to be partnering with these investors, who recognise the need for new, open approaches to responding to the growing cybersecurity threat faced by all large organizations,” said Filigran CEO and co-founder Samuel Hassine. “The enthusiasm they have shown for this first round demonstrates their confidence in Filigran’s ability to design and deliver a fast-growing, value centric and community-driven business for the years to come.”

“Given the nature of global cybersecurity threats, and the usefulness of Filigran’s solution, which has been enthusiastically recognised by significant customers who can’t afford to not take new and emerging threats extremely seriously, supporting Filigran’s development is a no-brainer,” said Mattias Ljungman, founder of Moonfire. “We have absolute confidence in Filigran’s leadership and their teams, and we look forward to working closely with them in the long-term.”

Business acceleration in Europe and North America

This first round of financing is aimed to give Filigran the resources it needs for an 18-month business acceleration plan focused on engineering, customer success and commercial growth in Europe and North America.

This will include the broadening of its partnerships and alliances ecosystem, which already includes more than 20 leading global companies including Deloitte, Orange Cyberdefense, Atos, Wavestone and Intrinsec.

Filigran will also focus on the development of its business model: support and consulting for customers who use Filigran’s eXtended Threat Management on-premises; and development of Filigran’s subscription-based multi-cloud SaaS offering. 

Filigran was co-founded by Samuel Hassine (CEO) and Julien Richard (CTO). Samuel Hassine has more than 15 years’ experience in cyber threat intelligence and crisis management, and was previously Director of Security Strategy at Tanium, and head of Threat and Risk Analysis at ANSSI. Julien Richard has more than 20 years’ experience managing product and engineering teams while designing complex software in data and AI fields. He was Vice-President of Engineering at YOOI and Director of Engineering at Axway.

About Filigran

Filigran is a European cybertech created in 2022 by Samuel Hassine and Julien Richard  whose main objective is to provide cybersecurity and crisis management teams with the best possible open source software. The company designs and develops an eXtended Threat Management (XTM) portfolio covering cyber threat intelligence, adversary simulation and crisis management solutions. Filigran already serves thousands of private and public organizations around the world.

About Moonfire

Moonfire Ventures is a next-generation venture capital firm that often invests in founders at the earliest stages as these companies are formed. We aim to enhance the likelihood of global success for these early-stage founders. We leverage technology throughout the venture capital process to invest with superior knowledge and efficiency. By automating mundane tasks and mental, manual work, we free up time to focus on what humans excel at – building relationships with founders. This enables us to provide valuable insights and scalable solutions to assist founders on their journey. Moonfire was founded in 2020 by former Atomico co-founder Mattias Ljungman.

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